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I have just replaced the factory shaft on my Taylor Made Burner with the 66gm Proforce V2 Stiff shaft. The most amazing transformation! Finally I can control where the face of the club head will be on impact! Driving Longer, Straighter and most importantly loving the game more!
Adam - Sydney, Australia ,

Have been a club geek all my life trying every new driver that hit the store. NO MORE. Just got an R7 with HTD shaft and am now driving close to 300 yd's in the right direction consistently. Thanks to you all. I love this club so much I am trying to find another one in Scotland as a spare.
Gavin Forrest - Lauder , Scotland

I recently visited a Titleist demo day at my local course, more out of interest than buying a new driver. It wasn't long before I had placed my order for a 905R with stiff V2 66g. This combo was giving me 25 yards more carry and the same again in roll than my R7. The dispersion with this shaft is also amazing. Bad shots are nowhere near as wide as before. First time I used it was on a 498yard par five... I hit a nine iron into it, enough said.
Robbie - Nottingham , UK

Never find a better shaft than your IROD 95 for a 3 wood powerful and easy. Congratulations
philippe - marseille , France

Playing off 2 I have struggled a little with my driver until recently. I have recently had my Great Big Bertha II re-shafted with a HTD CB70.350 Stiff Shaft. Wow!! What a difference. Much better flight and a greater feeling of the club head throughout the shot. May get the rest of my clubs re-shafted!!! Michael O'Neill
Michael O'Neill - Blyth, England

Having previously owned a Cleveland XL driver with a UST Proforce V2 shaft, I recently changed to a Taylor made Burner TP with a Mitsubishi Rayon 65gram stiff shaft. Although I hit it well, I lost about 20-30 yards in distance. I decided to revert back to the Proforce V2-67 gram stiff shaft which gave me much more distance (about 40 yards) and accuracy. I am now in the process of changing my Burner TP 3 wood and Burner hybrid to V2 shafts. I can not recommend UST Proforce shafts highly enough and would encourage all manufacturers to fit them as standard. Many thanks UST
Iain Clark - Swindon UK

I have put a I-Rod hybrid shaft on my utility wood 18°,I can say it's THE most fantastic shaft that I've ever played. Thank you for ever.
Neveu - St Germain du Puch , France

Have recently bought a Titleist 905R with the Proforce V2 shaft in stiff although your online fitting says I need regular. I tried this several days before buying and it really is an absolute dream! The V2 shaft does not feel too stiff to me and I can really feel it working. Results are longer straighter drives than I have ever been able to achieve before with any consistency. The V2 is an absolutely wonderful piece of golf technology and there is nothing else like it. Many thanks. Andrew
Andrew Butcher - Carlisle , UK

Just purchased a Callaway FT-9 I-MIX neutral head with a AXIV Core 69 Blue Stiff shaft. I could not believe it! Every drive was from 240 to 265 right in the middle of the fairway. I had been playing with regular shafts in my other drivers for 5 years as well, but a STIFF shaft? I could not believe the results! The same shaft will now go in my 3 and 5 metals!
David - Palmdale , CA

I came across this shaft by accident and never really knew much about it. I just bought a new driver fitted with a Proforce XL stiff. I went on the launch monitor and compared the same driver with a much more expensive Fuji shaft and got heaps better results from the XL. I have a fattish swing speed 103-108, but find this shaft very stable and solid through impact. I can hit as hard as I want and get a straight ball flight. It also provided great feel and consistency in striking the sweet spot. I won't be upgrading any time soon and will keep this shaft for any other driver I purchase. For the price, these shafts can't be beat.
Lou Smith - Sydney , Australia

I just put a V2 into a Taylor Made R7 Steel 3-wood, and I swear I've created a magical club. I went to the range today and hit every ball long, high, and straight. I've been meaning to re-shaft this club for awhile and I don't know what took me so long. I've tried other shafts, and UST Mamiya are the best I've ever played. They double, triple, quadruple, etc., the performance of any club.
David Fraley - Tucson , AZ

I have been playing UST Mamiya golf shafts for over 10 years. This is where it gets amazing. I have had a total of 30 hole-in-ones in my life. In the last 10 years I have had over 10 using UST Mamiya golf shafts in my drivers. (I forgot to tell you 19 of my aces are on par 4's). I had the new ATTAS-T2 7X (Red)installed in my driver by Jesse Trevino at Trevino Golf Studio in Gainesville, Texas on Monday 11/15/10 and left his place with glue still drying. I stepped up on the 10th tee at Rock Creek Golf Club in Gordonville, Texas and took my first swing with the new shaft . . . a 363 par 4. When we got to the green my Titleist Pro V1 was in the hole. Thanks to Jesse Trevino, Jamie Pipes and especially UST Mamiya for making AMAZING golf shafts.
Heath Allsup - Sanger , Texas

I have been searching for a low launch/low spin shaft for several months now. I have finally found what i was looking for. The Proforce AXIVCore Tour Green 75 is an amazing shaft. I no longer have to worry about moon balls off the tee and I know that when my drives hit the ground they will run forward. I have always been a high ball hitter but now I have a more predictable ball flight with my driver and 3 wood. Thanks for the Proforce AXIVCore Tour Green.
Preston - Long Beach , CA

I have tried all kinds of drivers trying to maximize distance and control. I've been using the Proforce V2 in my clubs over the last year. I just ordered the new Ping K 15 with a regular flex Proforce AXIVCore Tour Green shaft. The results are better than I expected. Only UST shafts in my clubs from now on.
W.B. Neal - Kitty Hawk , NC

I struggled with direction control with my new Titleist driver fitted with standard Diamana stiff shaft. I changed to UST Mamiya’s Proforce V2 stiff shaft and my shots went dead straight and further. I am amused that for shorter par 4 downhill holes, I have on several occasions, driven the ball either onto the green or less than 30 yards from it. It’s scary sometimes. I would recommend the Proforce V2 for any golfer needing distance and line control. Go for Proforce V2!
Peter Yeo - Hong Kong ,

Thank you for my Proforce V2 shaft. It helped me set up my second eagle this year on the par 5, 3rd hole at Terrace Lakes Resort in Crouch Idaho!
Eric J. Blechinger - Nampa , Idaho
I hit the Nike SQ Driver, 3 & 4 woods. I re-shafted the Driver and 3 wood with the Proforce V2, and the 4 wood has the stock Nike UST Mamiya AXIVCore shaft. I have hit True Temper, Fuji, Diamana and others. The UST Mamiya shafts really make these clubs perform flawlessly. I can concentrate on making a smooth swing and am confident my distance and accuracy will be right on. I won't hit any other brand. Thanks UST MAMIYA!
Terry - Bartlett , Tennessee

Was an escort marshal at the St Jude Classic and walked with Lee Westwood all day Saturday and then Sunday for the 4 hole playoff. He was hitting the V2 in his 3 wood along with Charley Hoffman. Lee used the 3 wood both times on 18 in the playoff and hit it straight down the middle. Good advertisement for UST.
Joel - Memphis , TN

Recently, I decided to get fit for a new driver. I hit every head and every shaft you can imagine. I didn't find a head a liked any better than my Titleist 907 D2, but I did fall in love with a SHAFT- the UST Mamiya AXIVCore. I decided to upgrade my driver with the Tour Black Stiff shaft. I have been playing it for about 3 weeks, and it is hands-down, the BEST driver I have ever picked up. The high-to-mid launch of the AXIVCore Tour Black is perfect for me. The torque is exactly what I wanted - a primarily straight flight, but I can also confidently swing full out (103-107 mph) and work the ball left, right, high and low without any big surprises or wild rides. The Feel and the consistency is spectacular. Three of the guys in my regular group were so impressed, they are upgrading to UST Mamiya as well. One chose AXIVCore Tour Black, one AXIVCore Tour Red and the other decided on the AXIVCore Tour Green. I also plan to replace the shaft in both my 3 Wood and hybrid. Having the right shaft makes golf so much more fun again! Thank you UST Mamiya. Your shafts are AWESOME !!!
Sam Gainey - Gaffney , SC

A couple of months ago The Hackers Paradise had the opportunity to review a new shaft line from the recently merged UST Mamiya company called the ATTAS. After weeks of trials with the ATTAS shaft all of our testers agreed that UST Mamiya had something special on their hands in this shaft as it was one of the smoothest that we have ever tested. UST Mamiya Proforce AXIVCore Tour Green Shaft Review
Josh B - The Hackers Paradise ,

I replaced my VooDoo (Stock Shaft) in a Titleist 909D2, with a UST AXIV Core Tour Black 69 S-flex, and a Cobra S9-1 Pro 3-wood with a UST AXIV Core Tour Black 79 S-flex (both SST Pured). It is amazing what a great shaft can do for you, both draws and fades on demand and straight as a arrow all day long if needed. Perfect launch, and spin rate with the best carry distance I have ever had. I just wanted to say, Thank you UST for the great shafts.
Thomas Howard - Olive Branch , MS

While purchasing a Ping G-10 hybrid at the local golf shop, it was suggested that I go with the UST V2 shaft that was available vs. the other available shafts. I am pleased to say that not only do I have three hybrids with UST shafts at this time, my 3 wood and driver are now outfitted with the same shaft. I swear...I point and swing and the ball just goes long and straight. No compensations...no over thought...just swing! I am totally bought and sold with UST. Highly recommend.
Phil R. - Seminole , Florida

I'm a 12 handicap and recently had Proforce AXIVCore Tour Red shafts put on my Callaway FT-9 Driver, and Titleist 909 F2 fairway woods. I've always struggled with my woods, but now they are the best part of my game. The shafts feel great and give me huge distance along with better control. I'm now driving 280+ more often and hitting my 3-wood over 250 from the fairway. Thanks UST!!
Ken Bloore - Simi Valley , CA

I'm currently playing the Titleist 909D2 with the AXIV Core blue 79 X-flex and it's amazing. Longest and the easiest to shape driver I have ever played and I love it. UST keep making great products.
John - Sudbury , Ontario

I recently replaced my VooDoo (stock shaft) which came with my Titleist 909D3, with a UST Proforce V2 HL (High Launch). Wow, what a difference! The trajectory, spin rate, and carry distance is right what I was looking for!
Bryan Wood - Ausitn , TX

As a Professional Long Drive guy, I swear by UST's Proforce V2. Obviously I have tried several shafts through the years, and not until I switched to UST Proforce V2 did I gain the confidence and distance I was seeking. Keep up the good work!
Dell Ahalt - Woodsboro , MD

First, many thanks to Jamie Pipes for his email and recommendations. With Proforce V2 65S in my Fairway woods, I changed out a TM/Fujikura S in TM Burner driver and installed Proforce V2 65R. I was worried about mid trajectory. I put the driver in play for a tournament. . . Longer, Higher, and more Accurate than with TM shaft. Solid, not slappy, but blindfold-confident off tee box. I call it "automatic"; no swing thoughts. . . just hit it and go! Thanks UST.
Chuck Broom - Fort Worth , Texas

I began assembling golf clubs about 2 years ago and found the UST V2 to be the shaft for fairway, hybrids, and drivers that really made a difference. I re shafted all my woods including my Nike Sumo2 to UST products. I just finished a driver for a client and when I asked them the shaft, they asked me to use the same one I used on their 3-5 woods ...UST. Thank you for your wonderful product.
Jim Twait - Shawnee , KS

I was hitting a tour issued Taylor made Burner with a Matrix Ozik F7m2 ltd in it.( My swing speed is 117, and a fast transition). The Matrix shaft felt good but I knew there was something better out there. I purchased the new Proforce AXIVCore Tour Red 79X and put it in play. WOW - it's the best driver shaft I have ever hit. Even better then the high end Matrix or Aldila shafts. I played in cold weather the other day and drove three greens at 330 plus. The ability to have a low torque shaft that you can fell kick in is unbelievable. Thanks for the great product. I recommend AXIVCore to everyone.
mike beattie - Lexington , ky

Proforce V2 shafts are by far the best on the market. I have tried them all and always end up going back to or switching out to a UST shaft. I have V2 in my taylor made burner TP fairway wood as well as in my callaway ft-2008 hybrid, but I will save the best for last I purchased the new R7 limited and put a AXIVCore tour black in it which was recommended by DLIII.Keep it up UST, if your not playing with a UST shaft your not playing your best and your definitely not maximizing your performance.
John Garrison - Pfafftown , North Carolina

Here in Japan, we have a large number of club shaft manufacturers. Unfortunately, there are no good shafts for my swing type (fast swing tempo, 110mph club head speed). My driver is a Taylor made r7 limited, 9.5 deg with Graphite Design Tour AD x-stiff (high torque 3.3) shaft and it gets nothing ...because my club face always did not stay at square position - then my ball went wrong...

After I re shafted my r7 limited with UST Proforce V2 75x, my driver has been changed!! The Proforce V2 75x is easy to feel the club heft and bend timing. It's a very obedient shaft and never spoils my swing power! I have never hit that well before; my ball goes strong, straight and stays @ fairways every time!! Now V2 is in my driver and 3 and 5 Titleist fairways!!

No need to try another shafts cause Proforce V2 is the best!!

Shinnosuke - ,

I recently had the new AXIV core blue 69s shaft installed in my TM Burner driver.This shaft was recommended by Jamie Pipes after a few E-mails.All I can say is WOW!. I now have more control of the club head,the shaft feel is solid without being boardy.I picked up 25yards,now 275yds of carry with a high penetrating flight.Shot is also tighter.
Craig Huff - Fort Worth , TX

I have never been one to argue that one particular shaft is the best for everyone, but when I started hearing rave reviews for the Proforce V2 from everyone at my club (from the seniors that hits every fairway and green to the young bomb and gougers) I had to try one in My Sasquatch driver.  The x stiff V2 76 brought down both my launch angle and spin numbers to nearly ideal numbers.  I immediately installed the 86 in my T60 fairway wood and saw an immediate improvement off the tee and the from deck.  UST's Proforce V2 is by far the best overall shaft that I have ever played.
Lance Blanchard - Chico , CA

I have had the V2 s flex shaft for two days - replaced my soft tip Taylor made R-5 Draw shaft. I played the V2 twice - great shaft; hit more fairways and hit a 347 yard drive up hill, no bull with a little wind aid). The stiffer tip shaft made a big difference with my swing. I will be replacing my 3 & 5 wood shafts.
James - Charlotte , North Carolina

After using your SWING FIT (http://www.ustgolfshaft.com/swing fit/) on your web site, I was recommended the UST V2 S Flex. I demo the shaft in new Nickent 4dx...and wow what a shaft! The flex, shot dispersion, and ball flight from the V2 was remarkable. THANKS FOR AN AWESOME GOLF SHAFT!
Ricky Peacok - Lakeland , Fl

Thank you for reintroducing a counter-balanced shaft with the Proforce HMOI! Perfect balance and performance. I really don't think I'll play a non counter-balance driver shaft again.
Jim Hong - Garland , TX

This is a great product! I am a fourteen year old who has a 110 mph swing speed. I just replaced my factory shafts in my driver, 5 wood and 18 degree hybrid with the V2 and I have gained almost 10 yards and have become much more accurate. It has given me a much higher ball flight and a new found confidence off the tee with my woods and hybrid. Thanks for making such a great product.
david - Dallas , Texas

G’Day UST. Your shafts are the most stable, accurate and long shafts on the market. I have a 110 mph driver swing and the V2 is the ultimate shaft for accuracy. I use them in both my driver and 3-wood and have similar results. Very long and very straight. No soft tip duck hooks with these performers. What a change from stock shafts out of the factory. I Am a TAYLORMADE die-hard fan. I change TM clubs frequently and will not use a club without your shaft. I think Taylor made should fit all the drivers (burner & superquad) and the woods with V2. With the original Superquad TP shaft - I can only get 270 Meters; after I changed the shafts to V2 57g stiff, I can hit it as far as 290-300 meters.(+ Rolling) Thanks for building the best shaft on the market! Bravo! Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!  Calvin Tee 9 hdcp.
Calvin Tee Kai Wei - Malaysia, Melaka

I recently purchased a Titleist 907 D2, with the Proforce V2 76g stiff shafts. My drives went from 270 to 290 and are a lot straighter.
Stephen - Exeter , NH

I am a custom club builder and my son is a scratch High School golfer. He plays for Revere High School in Richfield Ohio. He plays the UST Proforce V2 in a 9 degree head. His drives average 280 yards, and he was recently featured on the front page of the Akron Beacon Journal (sports section) September 20th, 2007 for winning the Suburban Championship. He loves Proforce V2 because of the distance and control. Thanks for making my job easer. Dave Hill (Dave Hill's Golf)
Dave Hill - Richfield , OH

Just put in the IRod 7400S on my Cobra HS9 driver and the IRod 7500S on my Cobra #3, #5, and Baffler! Amazing! Great stability with the low torque, nice control with the tip and 20 yards, at least, per club. BEST value for your money!
Patrick - Houston , Texas

The Proforce V2 is the real deal. I put one in my Nike Ignite and it was transformed from a wild unpredictable beast into a stable, high-launching driver with noticeably tighter dispersion off the tee. Great shaft!
Bernie C. - Sterling Heights , Michigan

I recently re shafted my Titleist 905R with a V2 Proforce shaft and I have to say it has made a huge difference in my game. I am getting off the tee much better. The trajectory on my ball is great off the tee. The V2 gives me a penetrating ball flight that has added distance to my drives. I would recommend this shaft to anyone trying to improve their game!
Kevin - Rockville Centre , NY

I had been duck-hooking my Nike Sasquatch & decided I need a lower torque shaft. I did I had been duck-hooking my Nike Sasquatch and decided I need a lower torque shaft. I did my homework and settled on the Proforce V2 67 gram, Stiff shaft. Not only am I hitting more fairways, but I hit the 2 longest drives of my life today - Thanks UST!!!!
Steve Strang - Moncton , New Brunswick - Canada
I was recently fitted for a Titleist 905R driver. It came down to the V2 76 gram stiff flex or the Aldila NVS. My distance said it all - the ball went 15 to 20 yards further with the V2, and it really shows how great the shaft is. Thanks for a great shaft.
Robert R. - ,

I recently re shafted my Callaway FT 3 with the Proforce V2 and it's amazing! I gained at least 10 yards off the tee and I'm hitting the ball straighter. Everyone should use this shaft.
Ryan McGovern - Rockville Centre , New York

I just bought a Nike Sasquatch SuMo 2 with an X-stiff V2 shaft. I'm 16 and a scratch handicap. My swing speed is 119 on average. Almost all other shafts - it seems like I balloon them, but this shaft has greatly improved my accuracy. I was playing a Grafalloy bi-matrix shaft, but the V2 blows it away! Nothing compares. Thanks for creating such a great product.
Jeff Blais - Youngstown , Ohio

I have been hitting the UST LD 4 since February of this year. This shaft is the most consistent shaft I have ever used. With swing speeds topping 150 mph and ball speeds reaching 210 mph you have to have a quality shaft that can perform. UST has allowed me to step up to the plate and be able to take them" deep.
Kevin Bullard - Cedartown , Georgia

Hello UST, Your shafts are the most stable, accurate and long shafts on the market. I have a 115 mph driver swing and the V2 is the ultimate shaft for accuracy. I use them in both my driver and 3-wood and have similar results. Very long and very straight. No soft tip duck hooks with these performers. What a change from stock shafts out of the factory. I change clubs frequently and will not use a club without your shaft. As mandatory as a custom grip. Thanks for building the best shaft on the market! jp 2 hdcp.
Jeff Pickett - Dallas , TX

I just wanted to let you know that the UST V2 has made me have to completely re-think all my equipment. For three years now I have only hit Graffaloy Blue, XXXX shafts that freq out at 290cpm with Bang O Matic heads. I do not know why that is what I hit, it just seemed to work for me and I was sponsored by BANG so that is what I could get. However, in Dallas, at the LDA event, Tracy Wallace let me hit his new MOI head. He had a V2 proforce LD-4 in it and it has changed my life. I do like the head, but I had no idea there were shafts out there this easy to hit. I quickly learned that I have been working way to hard with my old equipment. I also have noticed that almost everyone in the final with me in Dallas and in the final of almost every other event this year, 75% of the guys are hitting the V2. So I figure there must be something to it and after hitting it I see why. I just wanted to tell you that I am sold on this shaft and I will quickly be replacing all my competition drivers with UST V2 proforce shafts.
Matt Eicholtz - Dallas , TX

Put the new V2 Proforce (REG) flex in my new Cobra LD driver and it added 25 yards... No more needs to be said...
David Gardner - Harrogate , TN

I bought my Titleist 905S driver with the Proforce V2 76 gram Stiff shaft and I am completely blown away with the performance. I have a 115 club head speed and i have natural draw and this shaft has hands down given me the BEST stiffness of any shaft on the market. My drives carry almost 10 yards further, my shots are straighter, and my accuracy on hitting the fairway has almost doubled. Thanks for giving me the tool I needed to refine my game!
Jeremy Lee - Plano , Texas

Just got a Callaway FT-5 9.5 tour head fitted and spined with a V2 .350 tip 67 gram stiff shaft - and it was worth the extra few bucks. I don’t know what the fuss is about getting ‘factory’ shafted. All that means is that it is assembly lined and shipped to stores. Although I haven’t hit the courses, it’s been cold, I’ve bombed some drives at the range. My previous shaft which I liked (NV 65 stiff in a 983K) carried 250 fades, 260+ draws. This shaft is a good 10 yards over the Aldila. Love the V2 shaft, love the control. It makes a great combo with the FT-5. PS: I have a UST V285R flex in a 13 degree Titleist 906F. It’s soft but very straight off the tee. Super product! Great for my ability golfing in the 80s with a 100 plus swing speed.
DC Broughton - brooklyn , ny

I just put the original Proforce Fairway shaft in my Sonartec 3 Wood and I love it. I have never hit the ball that far with a three wood, and on top of that, it’s straight too. I am also considering putting the V2 in my Titleist 905R driver because I have a YS-6 and I just balloon the ball with it. Your shafts are awesome!
Tyler Bulterman - Cary , Illinois

Like most golfers I am always looking out for new equipment that will both enhance and instill confidence in my game. Being fortunate enough to work with my local club maker regarding shaft options (as well as all the helpful people at UST Customer Care) I decided to go with UST shafts in my driver and fairway woods. I chose the UST V2 Proforce and I wish I would have tried these out a long time ago. These are by far the best shafts I have ever played; they are true to their flex rating and the dispersion pattern is extremely tight. Usually I'll play stock shafts in my woods, but from now on I'm playing UST all the way!!!
Steve Kobata - Sunnyvale , CA

Got a Titleist 905R with a ProForce V2 shaft and i have never hit that long and straight before!!
Steven Ortiz - Tucson , Arizona

I was so happy with the V2 in my driver, I ran right out and re shafted my 3 wood and hybrid. I couldn't believe the difference! With the V2 shafts, I'm hitting laser straight bombs and taking my buddies' $ to pay for them.
Bryan - Cleveland , Ohio

I recently bought a Callaway Fusion FT-3 tour driver with a Proforce V2 76 gram stiff shaft!! It bombs the ball off the tee!!! I purchased the shaft a few weeks before the 2006 World Deaf Golf Championship in July in Edmonton, Canada and won First Place individual award out of 13 countries of deaf golfers!!! Aint that awesome!?!?!
Brandon Babineaux - Austin , Texas

I just installed the Proforce V2 (weight 65) on my new Mizuno MX500. It is a 9.5 degree driver and I was having some trouble getting it up. I don’t have a very high club speed (85 to 90). It gave me just what I was looking for! Beautiful flight and STRAIGHT! I played it yesterday in our weekly skins game and was amazed! Now on the par 4,s I am using my 9 iron or pitching wedge on the second shot instead of my 7 iron. This is an awesome shaft! Also I had my son in law hit it. He has a club speed somewhere out in the twilight zone, and same thing - straight as an arrow! The only difference was that he was driving over the greens with it. So that tells me it can take all I could ever give it! And the feel is unreal. I can feel it working and know just where the ball is going. It improved not only my distance but also my accuracy. I was right down the middle around the 100 yard marker all day long - like clockwork. I can’t say enough good things about this shaft. To sum it up - I just love it!
Don Conant - Mogadore , Ohio

I recently went to get fitted for shafts for my woods. I demo'd a Cleveland Driver with the V2 and was blown away by the way the shaft performed. I was fitted for a fairway wood shaft also and will be going with the HTD in my 3 wood. These products are great.
Bert - Conyers , Ga.

I recently purchased a Nike Sasquatch w/ a factory installed Aldila NV shaft. People told me this was the best combo in golf. What a joke! After being seriously disappointed with the results, I knew there had to be a better shaft. With the recommendation of my local club fitter, I switched to V2 stiff shaft and WOW! I've never hit shots this long with so little effort! I don't know what you guys at UST did but this is a perfect shaft! I haven't changed anything about my swing and the ball just launches off the club face and flies straight and true. Awesome shaft! Any serious "boomer" must get the shaft or they will get left behind. Keep up the good work.
Ben Smith - Statesboro , GA

I recently purchased a Titleist 3 wood with the V2 shaft. This shaft is very comfortable in my hands. Firm enough to stabilize the club head, but if you can bend it, it's gone! I have switched to it in my driver and other fairway wood. Thanks again!! Mark
Mark Segers - Cleveland , Georgia

I'm a club maker in Eastern Iowa who buys the majority of my components from Pat Dempsey at www.horsepowergolf.com. A few weeks ago he mentioned the SPECIAL V2 shaft....the "LD" series created for long drivers. Pat had mentioned that this was a shaft for ALL players....and has a unique feel with no kick point (because it flexes throughout the entire shaft)....and unloads like a bull whip where all the energy is retained and released at impact. While a bit more expensive than the other V2's...I thought "why not try it"? I am SO DAMN HAPPY I DID! This shaft will keep up and remain stable in the most aggressive swings...yet will unload and hurtle the ball off the tee with the most gentle swing.
Rory @ All Golf Ent. - Monticello , IA

I am a custom club maker and trade customer with Golf Works. I have sampled countless shafts over the last ten years and none compares to the performance of the V2 shaft. The shaft is "meaty" without being overbearing through out the weight offerings. The feeling of stability, both at address and at impact is incredible. The shaft provides a perfect trajectory with 9.5, 10 and 10.5 lofts allowing for individual customizations. The constant medium tip stiffness throughout the offerings combined with a choice of either a mid or mid/high bend point has simplified the fitting process. I am pleased to advise I now see more V2 shafts in play then ever before! The V2 has become my No. 1 recommendation for most, if not all of my customers. Great job UST! Joe Postorino
Joseph Postorino - Staten Island , NY

I replaced the shaft in my Callaway FT-3 driver with an IROD shaft last week, great improvement in accuracy and length off the tee. I had spoken with the Callaway tech center and they recommended a more expensive Aldila shaft, I am very glad is choose the IROD instead. My only regret is I wish I had done this six months ago.
Bob Gruber - Cincinnati , Ohio

I yanked the stock shaft out of my R7 425 and put in a Proforce V2-75X and it is an entirely different golf club. No more 'hit and hope' - this thing will do exactly what you tell to and it feels (and sounds) fantastic now.
Greg Beaulieu - Seattle , WA

Just got re shafted with the HTD CB65S in my Mizuno MP-001 driver and I now have the confidence that was missed for so long. Great feel + tight dispersion + long distance is all that I'm getting. Great job UST!!
Norm - Toronto , Ontario

I just re-shafted my Cleveland Launcher 400 w/ an SST pured 77g V2 stiff shaft, and all I can say is WOW! I love seeing my buddies jaws drop when I bomb one deep and straight down the middle. I've picked up 10-15 yards in length, and hitting even the narrowest fairways--Thanks UST!
Bryan - Cleveland , Ohio

I recently put a Proforce V2 65 in my 905t and this is an awesome club now! The added distance is about 5-10 yards but the best part is the great feel at impact and the boring trajectory.
Steve - Wharton , Texas

I have the Proforce ATR shafts in my Cleveland 460 driver and Cleveland TI 3W along with the Proforce 65 in my 5W. I have all proforce 75's in my 3I thru LW also. I couldn't be happier with how there adder power and consistency have helped to rebuild my confidence and increase my enjoyment of the game! Thank you UST!!
Jarrod MacKinnon - Clermont , FL

I have the UST Proforce V2 in my 905R in X-stiff. Wow!! By far the best shaft I have ever hit.
Marc Pe-Caine - Indianapolis , Indiana

I re-shafted my Taylor Made V Steel 5-Wood with your IROD shaft (stiff). WOW! What a combination! I have to tell you; that is probably the best club I have ever hit. It feels so sweet at impact, it just bores through the air with perfect trajectory, and it carries at least 10-15 yards further. This is the second Fujikura I've replaced with UST and I couldn't’t be happier. I think the RE-AX in my new R7 3-wood is next. Thank you for all your hard work in developing such great shafts.
David Fraley - Papillion , NE

I have the V2 75 in a 905R and I think it's the best shaft for me. The shaft makes that club!
Bill Brand - Mayfield , Ky

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful product you have. I currently have your "Competition 75 Series" graphite shafts in my irons and I love the feel and playability of them. As a matter of fact another reason I love them so much is because I scored my first hole-in-one this past weekend! What a feeling and I owe it to you! Thanks UST!! Larry Jacobs
Larry Jacobs - Bay City , Michigan

Bought a 440 Cobra at Xmas then I changed to a V2 regular. Gained 10 to 15 yards and very straight. Great shaft.
Ronald Payette - Cornwall , Ontario Canada

WOW!!! I've read all the articles about custom fit shafts and clubs but thought it was just more hype to get me to spend more money. I was wrong. I just installed the Proforce V2 R65 in my Adams Redline driver and immediately hit the two longest and straightest drives in my 30+ years of playing golf. Not only did I hit it well but it felt great! There may be hope for me yet with the help of UST shafts.
Sam - ,

I have a good understanding of the importance of fitting a golfer with the right equipment. I was however shocked with what happened to me when I spent some time on a launch monitor the last time I visited a larger golf "super store" here in Pittsburgh. I don't have a problem with distance, I however needed help with straightening out the misses. After 15 minutes of hitting a variety of drivers with various shafts, the pro hooked me up with a driver by notable manufacturer with your V2 stiff shaft. I liked the feel of the club in my hand and after the first swing, I looked at the pro with a huge smile on my face and said, "that’s the best hit yet". The launch monitor proved it, about 10 yards more distance,very straight and perfect launch numbers. The feedback I get is as if my hands and club face are one. I instantly know where the ball is going and the flight path. That was 3 weeks ago. I just posted my first round that I can remember, hitting every fairway!
Scott S - Pittsburgh , Pa.

Dear Sirs- I am a Golfworks trade customer and custom club builder and as a result I am always experimenting. In so doing, I recently purchased and installed a UST Frequency Filtered putter shaft in a Maltby M27 putter head. All I can say is WOW! I have struggled violently with my putting for the last 3-4 years. No yips, just plain poor putting. Right from the start, it was as if I had been putting lights out all my life. My first two rounds, on spring greens, resulted in 31 and 29 putt totals and I have already totaled more birdies in two rounds than I had all last season, or so it seems. From almost any distance, if the putt is not in the hole, it is certainly nearby. And the feedback provided on both center and off center miss-hits is unbelievable. I have put this putter into the hands of several friends all are equally impressed. If there is anything I can do to promote this shaft on your behalf please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Joseph Postorino
Joseph Postorino - Staten Island , New York

I just picked up a set of irons with the HTD 75 shafts, and I have never been happier. What a great set of shafts that deliver all that is promised and so much more. Now with my 3 and 5 woods being Irods and 4 to PW being HTD, I am all UST. I cannot wait to re shaft my driver. Michael
Michael B - Toronto , Ontario

I have been using an Accra SC65 shaft in my new PING G5 driver and it is incredibly long and straight. I also have a back-up G5 in an Accra Tour 60. My club-fitter recommended them over all others including the Diamana. I now have to agree with him and whole-heartily endorse these great shafts. A very satisfied customer!
David Richardson - Harrisburg , PA

I recently had my Taylor Made R510TP re-shafted with the ProForce V2. I had the shaft "pured" as well and have found the best combo I've ever hit. Thanks UST!
Les Smith - Austin , Texas

I initially re shafted my Cleveland 400 with a proforce 65 and loved the penetrating ball flight. Ever searching for more, I re shafted again with a V2 76 gram. WOW! I have gained approx 15 yards and am hitting more fairways than most tour pros. In the past 4 months I've shaved almost 2.5 strokes off my handicap! Thanks UST.
Bryan - Tempe , AZ

I just put the V2 76 gram extra stiff shaft in my Titleist 905S and I can't believe how straight I am now. This shaft has it all, way better than my Grafalloy Blue or my 757 Speeder. well done UST -bravo.
Jason - Newmarket , Ontario

I have your Proforce 75 GOLD on my 24 deg hybrid and it's great. I couldn't be happier.
John Topp - Los Lunas , New Mexico

I love your line of shafts. I started with the original Proforce and just ordered a Pured V2! So pumped!
Jeff - Richmond , Indiana

The new UST putter shaft is unreal. The feel and distance control is unlike anything that I have tried in a long time. Every putter gets markedly better with this upgrade. It has been a long time since there has been a product for putters that is as exciting to talk about as this one! Bill
Bill Baraban - Roswell , Georgia

I have a Proforce V2 65 in my driver now and must say that I love it. It gives me the confidence to know that I can swing easy on tee shots when I have to hit the fairway, or swing hard to get that extra punch when I need it, knowing that the shaft will be there with me. It is the first shaft that I have had that does not feel too soft or feel like a iron rod. Thanks for a great product and I wish you well in the future. Roger Schlichthorn
Roger Schlichthorn - frisco , tx

I received two V2 shafts from Golfworks, the 6060 model firm. I have two identical driver heads for comparison. I installed in the V2. The driver is 48 long and I believe I am getting more air time which means more distance, and it's straighter off the T. I would highly recommend the V2 to my customers for a replacement with no problems. I like the feel and sounds, and distance, and I have used many different shafts for comparing. This V2 is at the top of my list. Thank you. Denny's Clubs.
Dennis Wells - Morristown , TN

I originally purchased a 460 Launcher with stock Fuji stiff shaft, but the nature of high ball backspin of this driver head has cost me some distance. After some research, I decide to re shaft my 460 Launcher with UST Proforce V2, and am glad I did. The new shaft generates more penetrating ball flights, straight shots and control. Proforce V2, it's really sweet.
Scott - Huntington Beach , CA

I have the Taylor r7 with the stock stiff shaft and was very unhappy with the trajectory. It was a very low to medium ball flight. I just had the ACCRA T 60 M4 shaft installed. This is one of the greatest, most responsive shafts I have ever used. I picked up about 15 to 20 yards maybe more. I’am hitting it around 265+ with a great penetrating med-high trajectory ball flight that seems to stay up a long time. I was so excited using it for eighteen holes that I just cant wait to get back out on the course. Keep up the good work and thank you so much
Anthony Landi - Edison , New Jersey

I have to say the V2 shaft that is in my 905t driver is the one. I have looked for the right driver shaft combo for some time and I found it by chance. I was looking at drivers again and saw the 905t Titleist with the V2 65 shaft. I tried the club, hit the second ball, and knew I found my driver. This thing is hot and the feel is awesome! I have hit a lot of shaft/ head combos, and this is it. I have hit this driver with the NV65,GB,GB Pro Launch, Speeder, Graphite Design. I know that none had it all like the V2 . . . none!
Kerry Hill - Anaheim , California

I use your shaft in all my clubs, from 65's in my drivers.A 7.5 deg.,9.5 deg.& a 11 deg. Just wednesday 9/14/2005 I made my second hole in one,in 3 years,with my 8 iron and rv2 115 shaft. they are very reliable and durable. I had to brag to someone!! Thanks to everyone at UST.
Danny Parry - Ipava , Illinois

I had bought an Ashton MS-5 DR 9.5* head and went through 3 shafts trying to find success with that head. Then I decided on the new iRod Driver shaft from UST with it's very low 2.6 torque & 65 gram weight. It has performed very very well. It keeps the ball straight; impressive. This 415cc head is 204 grams & shots had a tendency to slice with other shafts. I'm 61 & only a 16 handicap & so find it quite pleasing to have a shaft help me to stay in the fairway & still get great distance. Atta Go UST !!!!!
Robert J. Sabovitch - Kapuskasing , Ontario, Canada

When you introduced the original ProForce shaft I re shafted my driver with it and played it for 3 years. I just re shafted my Taylor Made R510 TP driver with the new ProForce V2 shaft and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this shaft! I have gained 10-15 yards over the unworkable Speeder shaft that was in it. I'm finally back to being able to not only work my driver but to have total confidence in where it is going ...straight down the middle!! It was definitely worth the wait!! As far as I'm concerned, UST is THE #1 shaft in golf!!
Dwaine Adkins - Dothan , AL
The shaft I bought was the HTD-CB65 Stiff. After hitting some drives, I knew that things were different from my previous Grafalloy Pro-High Launch Stiff. As you know, the ratings on Grafalloy regular and stiff require a faster swing speed compared to other shafts. At first I was too aggressive and out of sync. But after hitting a few more balls, the results were impressive. I actually hit the ball longer with a slower swing speed. The kick at release that was missing in the Grafalloy shaft is back. I noticed right away the ball speed had increased. I started to speed things up and on many occasions the ball was going much longer than I expected. I want to thank you for taking the time to consult with me. I don’t know if customers do this, but thanks again.
Ernie - Las Vegas , NV

Thanks to the recommendation of Mr. Jamie Pipes, I purchased a HTD-CB65 stiff shaft. it was put in a Cobra 454 Competition driver. I now have the extra kick and loft, with more distance at a slower swing speed. But if I need to crank it up I get the additional distance and accuracy I want. I went from a 235 carry to a 260 carry. Thank you for the qualified help to put me in the proper direction.

The UST V2 75g Stiff is a winner for me. I re-shafted my Taylor Made R-7 TP driver with the V2 75g stiff and it made a world of difference. With my 108 mph driver swing speed I felt that I wasn't reaching my full potential with the TP Fujikura 757 Speeder stiff shaft. And boy was I right, distance increased by as much as 20 yards on some drives. But the best part is that the trajectory and carry with this shaft now allows me to maintain my usual long distance on soft and or wet conditions. I thought the ProForce line was good this is just flat out better. You guys really outdid yourselves.
Lance Bernier - Tucson , AZ

I'm now using your Proforce V2 S-flex 65gr shaft and I truly think it's the best shaft I've ever used. It's combined with a Snake eyes 650t head and it's an awesome we

Jim Oke - Whitby, Ont. Canada ,
I currently have a 2 handicap down from a 5 a year ago. And thanks to the UST Pro Force 65, I have increased my distance on my drives by about 15 yards. If fact, I have just bought a new driver and was searching your web site for the right shaft. I am searching for a shaft which will give by ball flight a lower trajectory . Your web site has been most helpful with recommendations for a couple of options. Thanks for your superior shafts. Mike Pearce
Mike Pearce - Alba , Texas

The V2 is a winner. I have been building clubs as a hobby for over 30 years. I recently put a V2 65R in a new Hogan Driver. The Difference from the Aldila 70 HL was amazing. I also have hit a NV 65 and this shaft just feels better along with better distance for my swing speed. It not only feels tight on a hard swing a little softer swing gets amazing results. After arriving at the course early to practice with the new shaft I could not wait to get to the course. All 14 fairways Hit. Launch a little higher and distance was overall about 1 sometimes two clubs less on the par fours. At 89 MPH swing speed and a 4.3 Handicap I can not tell you what a difference one club less with confidence about accuracy means. I will recommend this shaft to anyone who wants to re shaft their drivers. It is at top of the list.
Duane Richardson - North Augusta , South Carolina

About 18 months ago I emailed UST asking them to suggest a shaft for my orlimar trimetal 3 wood. The next day, Mr. Jamie Pipes suggested the Proforce Gold 65. I took his advice, and the result was remarkable. I will have a hard time replacing the trimetal. Some months later I was able to hit on a launch monitor while shopping for a new oversized driver. I emailed Mr. Pipes with the information received from the LM (swing speed, path, etc.), and again he suggested the 65. Unfortunately, I fell into the Aldila NV hype. I played the shaft for a few months before replacing it with the 65. I absolutely love the trajectory this shaft produces with the new larger titanium drivers. Another benefit of the 65 on an oversize driver is its resistance to twisting due to the low torque. There is absolutely no better value in golf. Thanks Mr. Pipes and UST.
Chauncey M. Hollie - Crowley , Louisiana

I have tried the new Proforce V2, regular, in a Cleveland Launcher Comp head. It is by far the best combination for my 95 mph swing speed. The new V2 feels as solid as the old Proforce, without the "hard" feeling. It just feels "there". (It's long too, over 250 on wet fairways.) Kudos.
Greg Vogelsang - Buffalo , NY

The Irod line of shafts is an outstanding product. The Fairway wood shaft and driver shaft are winners all around. I am using the IROD in all the Utility clubs built. My biggest surprise is the Harmon line the CB65 is a wonderful shaft for alot of golfers. Cant wait to check Accra.
Jim McCleery - Waverly , Ohio

I recently installed an IROD shaft in a club for one of my customers and he promptly got a hole in one with his new shaft.
Ben - San Bernardino , CA

I re shafted my 580XD last year with a competitors (YS-6) shaft, trying to improve the performance. After using it all of last year, I realized that the shaft just wasn't performing for me the way that I expected. I was disappointed in the low ball flight and overall control. I'm not a big hitter, so any help in distance and control is a huge factor in making my decision. Well, I visited your web site and used your on line shaft fitting page, and it was recommended that I use one of two shafts, one being your new Low Carb shaft. I ordered the Low Carb and have been using it for the past several weeks. All I can say is WOW! My drives are now high and almost always in the short grass! Went out last weekend and shot 74. Not bad for a 13 handicap! The game is so much easier when you are consistently playing from the fairways! What a great shaft!
Jim Ciurczak - Niagara Falls , NY

In March I replaced the shafts in my driver (Taylor R7 with Grafalloy Pro Launch) and 3 wood (old Orlimar trimetal with an EI-70 shaft) with your new IROD shafts. Wow! The launch angle on the driver went up a bit, distance seems about the same, but most importantly the ball is ending up in the fairway more often. The launch angle on the 3 wood went up a lot, very high shots now (OK with me), I picked up 10-15 yards on best shots (hit one 260) and can now hit the 3 wood off tees where I used to hit the driver.
Tod Burhans - Perrysburg , Ohio

Your fitting system is excellent! Takes the guess work out of having to compare various UST models never mind trying to figure out what the other shaft companies are offering.
Mike Jonis - North Hampton , NH

I'd like to compliment your technical department. I called with numerous questions regarding shafts. Chris was able to answer all of the questions clearly so that I had a better understanding of your product and what I needed to help my game. Thanks again, Kevin Boller
Kevin Boller - Santa Rosa , CA

I played with a low profile driver for many years, and finally went with a 450 CC titanium driver from Golfworks with an Accra T60 M4 shafts. Let me tell you, this is the greatest driver I've ever hit. Explodes off the face and straight as an arrow. The feedback from the shaft is amazing!
Victor Deveau - Ottawa , Ontario, Canada

I recently put the HTD CB65-S in my Ping G2 and the difference is a joke. Many people who go out and spend the money on these 460cc drivers don't realize that without an aftermarket shaft, they are wasting their money. I also put an Irod in my utility and hit it on the back of the green from 260 yd's. With these two shafts my par 5 performance has improved dramatically. Thanks UST and keep it up. You are truly cutting edge.
Todd Bishop - Wichita , KS

Just wanted to say thanks for the new Irod driver shaft. I recently built a new driver with a stiff Irod and a 9* Bangster driver head from Bang golf. I am now hitting the longest drives of my life! Long, straight, and rolling! I honestly can't wait to play just to hit it again! It is one great design, and one sweet shaft! Thanks again!
Jeff Mirenda - East Troy , Wisconsin

Your shafts keep on getting better and better! I just put a R IROD Driver Shaft in my SMT Nemesis Driver Head. I have previously tried accuflex and fujikura shafts in this head, but was not completely satisfied. With this new IROD Driver shaft, I've gained 10-15 yards and hit it straight as an arrow! Thanks for a tremendous shaft!!!
Greg Hill - Mobile , Al

I just recently switched to the Proforce 65 stiff with my driver, and my shot pattern has really tightened up. I hit a lot fewer of those dreaded "blocks" to the right. Additionally, I replaced my 3-5 irons with a 22degree and a 25degree Irod Hybrid and it's a miracle. My 200 yard shot now is a choke down 25 degree hybrid easy swing that goes high and lands soft. No more stress!
Peter Winter - Las Vegas , NV

I started off with the PROFORCE, then the HTD shafts. They are so EASY to hit, and SO accurate, that the people I play with 'actually' THINK I know how to play this game!!!!!!!! They are GREAT shafts, and they make the game SO MUCH FUN, because their performance is so consistent!
Barry - Toronto , Canada

Awesome shafts- I wish I could buy stock in them!
ryan beeney - newark , ohio

Dear UST. Holy %^$# I just put the Irod Driver shaft in my R7 and it is unbelievable. This shaft is perfect for me i am 50 and play the same courses all the time. My drives are 15 to 20 yards farther. My spec is R7 10.5 loft. Irod driver shaft stiff, 45" length d-5 swing weight, Golf Pride Dual Durometer grip. My swing speed is 100 to 105 and i am a 5 handicap. This is the first time i really really notice a jump in distance and i change shafts all the time looking for yardage and better feel and control. let me tell you this shaft is the bomb. I also put the hybrid irod in my fli-hi and the fairway shaft in my r580 3 wood. by the way i was over the green on our par 5, 14 hole yesterday with my three wood. the launch angle and trajectory is unreal. I love the feel of these shafts at impact very smooth and solid. Thanks UST. This sounds like a commercial but i had to write this.
David Craft - Matgate , Florida

As a club fitter, I have to commend UST on your ProForce line. It makes up the staple of my graphite shaft lineup and is the one shaft I will recommend to any hard to fit customer. I receive nothing but positive feedback. As a low hdcp golfer, I play the ProForce 65 shafts in my metalwoods. Please never stop producing these great, affordable shafts!!
Steve - Radium Hot Springs , British Columbia
I have used a variety of shafts, but when I first tried the "Proforce Gold', then the HTD shaft, I was getting the results I was always looking for!! I will not use ANY other shafts' in my Driver, 3 wood!.
Barry Mccartney - Toronto , Canada

I just had an HTD 65X installed on my Launcher 460. It had a Cleveland stiff shaft before. Yesterday I played for the first time with the new shaft, and let me tell you, I was amazed at the kind of straight and huge drives I am able to produce now. In one the holes that doglegs left with big trees in the way,I was able for the first time to cleanly fly over them and land in the Fairway about 70 yards in front of everybody else. Thanks UST!.
Jose - Los Angeles , Ca.

Which shaft manufacturer has best predicted future developments in the game? Although it has plenty of competition, UST deserves to be recognized for it’s clairvoyance. UST initiated the tip-stiff trend with its Proforce shaft: today, there is an abundance of tip-stiff shafts. UST anticipated the hybrid club revolution with its iROD shaft for hybrids. And it showed no hesitation in aggressively promoting its Harmon Tour Design line of counterbalanced shafts (more weight in the butt to change the balance and lower the swing weight).
James Achenbach - , Golfweek Magazine

I put a stiff IROD Driver shaft into my Ping G2(46"). Wow, what a difference ...I can take a full cut at the ball now and be confident where it's going. Great distance in the fairway every time, much more stability in the shaft compared to Ping's stock shaft. Best head/shaft combination I have tried to date. Extremely long and solid-feeling.
T. Cash - Cincinnati , Ohio

I installed the IROD stiff fairway shaft into my Hawkeye 3 wood (44 inches), got the best of both worlds - great distance, much greater stability. This shaft feels better than any other I have tried in last 10 years.
T. Cash - Cincinnati , Ohio

I bought the ACCRA S65 shafts. I have hit every shaft on the market from Grafite Design to Mitrayon. Your shaft is super it has the best feel at the bottom, not hard . Thanks
Bill Cease - Cherryville , North Carolina

I just got off the phone after talking to your technical department. I just wanted to let you know how good they were and how informative and patient. I spoke to Jamie last and I especially want to recognize him for helping me so much. They speak very well of the Company they represent. Thanks again! Jorge
Jorge Jimenez - Miami , FL

I Just put an HTD CB-70 in my R-7. Now the club works like it was designed. Great shaft at a great price - way to go UST!
Joe Denapoli - Stockton , California

Just put a HTD Shaft in my R7... All I have to say is I pick up about 30 yards... Say no more what a great shaft Thanks
David Gardner - Harrogate , TN

I have recently had a HTD CB 65 installed on my Titleist driver and I couldn't be any happier with the new shaft. Feels really solid throughout, nice looks and great feel. Ball flight is amazing and shot dispersion is kept to a very minimum. UST time and time again, has made another great shaft.
Pete - Toronto , Ontario

I've always hit the ball hard and long. I've also always had problems finding a shaft that matches up with my needs, light weight, very low torque, and high-stability. I've tried EVERYTHING, from the Harrison 2.5 FL, Penley ETA, Fujikura Speeders, Graphite Design, and AJ Tech. You name it, I've tried it and snapped 'em too. Since switching to the Accra SC65 in my Titleist 983K and the Accra SC75 in my Sonartec SS-07, I've been hitting it better and more consistent than ever. I know the shafts can handle the load I put on it. My average driver swing-speed is 118-122 mph. When needed I can turn it up to 126-130, so I need a shaft that can keep up. These shafts have added a whole new dimension to my game... confidence.
Bruce Maeda - Tucson , AZ

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